Grace, speed and personal comfort—It’s all yours when you leverage our close personal and professional yacht chartering relationships. Trust us to create a seamless sea experience that caters to your every need, indulges your every whim, and offers you the most intimate and comfortable personalized luxuries. This is what separates an authentic travel experience from mass marketed tourism. We attend to the details; you focus on making lifelong memories. 

Why a Private Yacht Vacation?

Fun and luxurious, indulge in exceptional comfort with a completely customized yachting trip designed to match your pleasures and exceed your expectations. Whether it’s the pristine waters of the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Seychelles or other exclusive seaside, your dream vacation on a luxury charter getaway awaits.  

  • Explore new places every day on the comfort of your own floating all-inclusive resort
  • Make your family reunion one they'll never forget
  • Celebrate milestone events in luxury and style
  • Wow clients and star employees with our corporate programs

Look to our experienced team to plan your most exclusive and desirable events:

  • Docking at the Monaco Grand Prix
  • Heading to the Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean
  • Setting anchor at the Cannes Film Festival


Getting Started

Easy and Highly Personalized

The process begins with an inquiry to one of our experienced charter agents, a member of CYBA International with over 30 years of experience. From preference sheets to insurance, we walk you through and help to design all the right details flawlessly: 

  • Selecting the right yacht
  • Assisting to design the perfect itinerary
  • Handling the booking and financial details
  • Explaining charter costs
  • Understanding the contract
  • Handling all land-based travel programs

Trust our travel advisors bring your travel dreams to life!