How It Works

Journeys Yacht & Travel Company is the industry’s premier architect of designing extraordinary travel experiences. Part travel agency, part event planners, we orchestrate the big travel components (hotels, guides, transfers) and all of the little details (restaurant reservations, special activities, you-name-it) that make your trip one-of-a-kind. In short, our job is to use our travel expertise and connections to fulfill your requests to design and deliver the trip of a lifetime. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us: We start with a blank slate, and spend time getting to know you and your personal desires. Once we have a clear sense of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to experience, we can determine together if our services are a good fit for you. The next step is to collaborate to create your perfect trip designed just for you. 

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our extensive travel expertise, attention to detail, and extensive global connections. We offer yacht charters, Bespoke custom trips, and predetermined itineraries through our Partner Collection. The difference between these options is outlined below: 

Bespoke and Partner Collection

What’s the difference?


Custom trips designed down to every detail; hand-selected properties from our Villa Collection.

- Your experience is tailored to your desires and needs; every detail is designed just the way you want it.

- Itineraries come in all sizes, from a week-long excursion to the ultimate month-long+ adventure.

- Our personal guides take care of everything and let you enjoy every moment, providing nothing less than 5-star service.

- Your preferences determine cost. Expect the highest level of personal service and expertise.

- Customized trips typically start at $300-$500/pp per day and up.

Partner Collection

 Pre-planned itineraries for independent and small-group travel.

- We will help you choose from our partner collection of carefully crafted itineraries. 

- Predetermined itineraries showcase the “must-sees” for every destination; booking is simple.

- Perfect for the independent traveler, these trips and tours are led by local experts and give you the freedom to explore.

- Value in combining your trip with our collection of pre-planned itineraries is reflected in cost of this small-group travel. 

Ready to go Bespoke? 

Here’s how it works:


In the words of the Everly Brothers, “...all I have to do is dream.” That’s it. That’s all you have to do. We can make your dream trip happen, no matter where in the world and no matter how long or who with.


Your trip is designed with one of our experienced travel-planning experts whose job it is to understand your personality and preferences in order to add that je ne sais quoi that makes experiences unforgettable. If you want to go on safari, how would you like to eat breakfast with giraffes? If you want going skiing in the Swiss Alps, how about learning to yodel from the peaks? 


Urban chic or country charm? Professional guide or local host? 5-star or B&B? We guide you through the myriad of choices to decide down to the finest details of what your dream vacation looks like.


Done with decisions, deposits and details, now all you have to do is sit back and take off into your ultimate vacation.

Prefer Our Partner Collection?

Here’s how it works:


Get inspired and we will help you find your luxury trip by looking through our exceptional travel partners around the world—tour operators, cruise lines and fabulous hotel properties.


It’s simple. Choose your trip, select your dates, and we will do all the legwork to get you on your way.


Fine-tune your trip with a few minor adjustments to make it your own. If you’re looking for more customization, we are happy to tailor a Bespoke itinerary for you.


You confirm the dates and price and we ensure all the other details are in place. All you have to do is pack your bags.

Ready to Set Sail?

Chartering a yacht is simple:


Peruse our yachts to find your inspiration. What kind of charter are you looking for? For how many people? Where would you like to go?


Contact us, either by filling out our online form or by picking up the phone, as soon as possible so that you have the best selection of yachts to choose from. We have the skills and expertise to plan out every detail to make your trip by sea second to none. 


We help you select your yacht; you decide on the perfect vessel. We confirm the availability; you sign the paperwork.


We work with your yacht captain to oversee every detail, from staff preparation to stocking the craft with all your favorite items. Violà—you’re ready to set sail!

Our Fees

As recognized experts in our fields by clients, suppliers and Virtuoso, our expertise will whisk you away on the journey of a lifetime. The services we provide are valued as those of any trusted advisor and we do charge accordingly for our time, knowledge, and design services. Custom trips that are hand-crafted and have hand-selected Villas come at a premium. Your trip is customized from the ground up—this takes both time and effort. We don’t work with fixed itineraries; we start from scratch and build the trip you want. For our expertise and legwork, we charge a Trip Planning Initiation Fee and a Design Fee. The amount of the fee depends on the length and nature of the trip. 

Explore the Sea

Our Yacht Services are complimentary for yacht selection, booking process, and sailing itinerary. For pre- and post-travel programs, please refer to our Journeys By Land fee structure (below).

Journeys By Land 

Every prospective client receives a complimentary initial consultation with a Journeys Luxury Travel Designer. Once you decide to contract with Journeys, we provide a fee estimate based on the outcome of your initial consultation and collect the Planning Initiation Fee as our base consulting, planning, and booking fee for services, which starts at $250, depending on your destination, length of travel, and number of people. Final fees may differ depending on the actual trip planned. Your Luxury Travel Designer will keep you informed of any potential fee changes before they occur. The fee will be charged once you have "signed off" on your final itinerary. 

Fee Structure                                                                                                     

Complimentary Services

  • Initial Consultation
  • Yacht Charter & Private Jet Bookings
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Upgrades, Amenities, and Additional Perks subject to availability

Services with a Fee

  • Airline Tickets (per person)- $75 service fee plus applicable ticketing fees
  • Hotel Consultation Fee- $50 up to 3 Hotel Recommendations
  • Trip Planning Initiation Fee- $250
  • Trip Planning Initiation Fee for Groups/families of more than 4 people- from $350
  • Expedited Travel Planning Fee (within 60 days of travel)- additional $350
  • Expedited Travel Planning Fee (within 30 days of travel)- additional $500
  • More than 3 itinerary revisions (per itinerary)- $150
  • Hourly rate for additional research and special requests for Travel Designers- $50
  • Hourly Rate for Debbie Dos Santos- $125
  • Cancellation Fee (per person in addition travel supplier policies)- $250
  • Shipping Fees- billed to credit card on file

Bespoke Trip Fees

  • Trip Planning Initiation Fee Plus Custom Design Fee
  • Custom Design Fee- from $150 per person depending upon trip complexity and length (This will include hotel reservations, all transportation, restaurant reservations, and activity bookings.)
  • Custom Events- Pricing by request (based on scale of event)
  • Yearly Membership- By request only

General Information

 Travel Planning Consultation Initiation Fee is charged once the Credit Card Authorization Form is received and planning commences.

Other Fees are invoiced once planning is complete.

Travel documents are sent once invoice is paid.

Invoices not paid prior to travel will be charged to credit card on file.

Please note that availability and price is subject to change and not guaranteed until payment is made.

Price quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are requested.

Quotes in foreign currency are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and International credit card issuer fees.

Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect you and your investment.

Journeys Yacht and Travel assumes no liability for cancellation fees or non-refundable trip costs.