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Bringing You The Best Horseback Riding In The World

Horseback riding has been enjoyed throughout history. Perhaps it is this rich tradition that makes horseback riding such an enduring icon of sophistication and an enjoyable passion with a loyal following. The best horseback riding can be found in some of the most iconic and historical locations around the world. Whether its enjoying a leisurely day riding merely meters away from the fabulous Palace of Versailles or fox-hunting in the storied countryside of England, you know that each ride you take will prove to be its own adventure. So take the reigns and let Journeys plan your equestrian fantasy.

Equestrian Europe

Discover the charm of old-world Europe and spend some time enjoying some of the finest equestrian sites in the world. 


Caribbean Coast

Enjoy a romantic sunset on horseback and have an adventure you'll never forget.

Off the Beaten Path

If you want to satisfy your sense of adventure then take a chance and explore new territory. Find your own slice of paradise in the far-flung corners of the world.


Private Tours

Do you want a more personal experience for your next horseback getaway? Let Journeys find the perfect tour for you.