Sample Travel Itineraries

Journey's now has a selection of sample itineraries available for you! We take the time to diligently craft these wonderful travel schedules, and any of the sample itineraries you care to take a peek at will certainly reflect the kind of travel experience we are dedicated to providing for you. No matter where your next destination of interest may be, you can always reach out to Journey's for little help!

These itineraries are available upon request, and you merely need to send us an email to receive information on any number of travel locations! Do remember that these itineraries are merely a starting point for the custom travel package we will create, so please Contact Us and we will arrange a tour itinerary for you.

Some of the tours we offer include:

  • Wine Tours of Chile and Argentina
  • Yacht Tours of the Caribbean Islands
  • Spa Retreats at award-winning resorts all over the world
  • Skiing packages to the best ski locations, including places such as Yellowstone and the Swiss/French Alps
  • Culinary/Cooking Adventures in famed gastronomic regions such as France and Italy