The Charter Experience


The sea offers some of the most spectacular views of natural beauty on earth. Imagine diving into the crystal clear aqua-blue waters of the Virgin Islands; watching the sun set off the coast of Thera and disappear into the waters of the Aegean Sea; or spotting dolphins in the distance as you sip a handcrafted cocktail in the open Caribbean sea air. When you add custom culinary delights, port adventures, beautiful beaches and more, your private yacht charter becomes a unique opportunity for the sea to magically transform into your private playground.

Do you prefer the elegance of a traditional sail charter? Perhaps a high-powered superyacht is more your speed? Our expert advisors will help you choose based on your preferences. Once you’ve selected the yacht and crew, we attend to all the other details, from your favorite foods and must-have cocktails to your pleasures at port. Leave it to us to organize every detail based on your personal preference. All you have to do is look forward to stepping on board.  

What's Your Cruising Style?



Looking for space, comfort, luxury and speed? If you want to cover more distance with your custom itinerary, or have limited time, cruising in a luxury power boat charter may be your perfect nautical match.


The fastest growing types of charter, the catamaran is perfect for those who want to combine the thrill of sailing with the privacy, comfort and coziness of a luxury boat at sea.


If space and time isn't top of mind and the ultimate in leisure is what you desire, find complete freedom on a chartered sailboat. Cruise the coast or the open waters simply by putting a little wind in your sails.

Ready to find your perfect yacht?

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