Travel Tip: Packing Up? Think Big (and Small)!

Let’s face it. When you’re planning an extended trip, one of the great quandaries is more than what to pack—it’s what’s the best case, or cases, to pack it all into. Our advice? Forget the multi-piece travel collections. Use a lightweight overnight bag or duffel to keep your essentials close, and use a smart all-in-one storage space for the rest. 

Small Spaces


Our favorite overnight bag is the Sloane Ranger Anchor Weekender Bag from Brookstone. Simple, classic design meets a fun nautical theme that will accommodate all your personal items in a compact case that’s easy to store.

Perfect for your next yacht charter!
 Available at, $100



Bigger Is Better!

We love Globe Trotter’s custom design-on-demand luggage collection reminiscent of the classic travel trunks used by the likes of well-to-do British setting sail or traveling on safari—perfect for the extended trip that requires ample packing space.

Pack it all in their Safari Ivory 33-inch extra-deep suitcase on wheels.
 Custom order at, £1230.00