Amiable Encounters On the Amazon

Along Peru's Upper Amazon, ribernos, or river people, line its shores waving at the approaching river boat.  Village children gather for a chance to meet disembarking visitors, their peers on board equally fascinated.  Such encounters are the norm on Aqua Expeditions which ventures along the Tahuayo River and the Yacapana “Iguana” Islands.  

I was fortunate to experience the M/V Aqua where we went to Charo Lake fishing and visits into the Amazon tributaries into the jungle to view Amazon monkeys, three-toed sloths and caimans at home in their habitat.  We explored the lush tributaries in skiffs while our naturalist unveiled the wonders of the flora and fauna and the diverse Amazon wildlife in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.  I even unsuccessfully tried my
hand at Piranha fishing.. thank goodness!


My two favorite experience were watching the infamous Amazon pink dolphins at play in the river and visiting the Manatee rescue center.  The only thing missing was my daughter!  Definitely a return trip with her!  Ranks as a top wealth of family memories experience.