2014: The Year of Adventure!

When it comes to travel planning, last minute tends to be the exception. So it’s definitely not too soon to begin thinking about what new places and experiences you’d like to have in 2014. If you haven’t had a real adventure in recent years (or ever), consider make this coming year yours. Here a few of our favorite unique experiences to awe and inspire and you.


Starry Night



Taking the idea of sleeping under the stars to a whole new level, we highly recommend trying it from a temperature-controlled igloo!

In Lapland, Finland, imagination becomes reality as you sleep under the stars in your own igloo. The glass igloo provides an one of a kind opportunity to admire the northern lights and millions of stars of the crystal clear Lapp sky in a comfortable room temperature. READ MORE...


Tea Time



Tea with the gentry? Sure. But how about tea with an Argentinian cowboy? Now that’s a little different. Turns out, in Argentina, gauchos begin and end their day with this holly-infused liquid stimulant and you can have the full-on experience!

More than a drink, it’s a tradition, as important to Argentina as mint tea is to Morocco and wine is to Burgundy. Mate (pronounced mah-tay), a sort of South American tea, has been consumed since time immemorial by South America’s Guaraní natives. READ MORE...


Seasoned Salt



Part of the fun of a vacation is being treated to authentic, local foods. But what trips have you taken that send you home with the chef’s recipes? If your idea of adventure is in learning first-hand how to replicate the culinary secrets of the locals, we highly recommend the traditional Mexican food afternoon cooking program available to adults and children alike as guests of the Duchess at Hotel Esencia in the Yucatan. 

Duchess Rosa d’Ferrari invites you to totally escape at Esencia, her private nine-bedroom home, which she’s lovingly converted to a luxurious hotel. Set along an extraordinary stretch of Xpu-ha Beach just south of Playa del Carmen, Esencia exudes the duchess’ superb sense of style while providing an exceptional level of privacy and personal service. READ MORE...