Welcome to my Blog of Inspired Pursuits

Welcome to my Yacht & Travel Company!  And to my Blog of Inspired Pursuits.



I believe that in the journey of life, everyone should travel well.

Because travel betters the world, opening eyes and minds to all the possibilities that the world holds. 


More than that, it’s about the joy of discovery.  That’s why we find, experience, taste, try and share it all.


  • A yacht that sets you free to do, experience and travel wherever the wind blows
  • An 800-year-old wine estate hidden in the Tuscan hills
  • A wilderness lodge perched on the edge of the Serengeti
  • A ship that cruises the Amazon in five-star luxury



My search for Inspired Pursuits, uncommon places and meaningful journeys has transformed my life.  And that is why I created this blog- to share it all with you, my fellow adventure seekers, luxury hunters and discerning explorers- by Land and by Sea!



Life is a Journey.  Enjoy the Ride!