Just in Time for the Winter, A French Skiing Adventure from Aman Resorts


When you hear someone talking about the French Alps what do you think of? Old World Excellence? Immersion in a foreign culture? That kind of sophistication you can only find in Europe? If that's what you're thinking of, than a visit to Le Melezin resort is perfect for.

Nestled high in the Alps Le Melezin (a subsidiary of Aman Resorts) is part of "Les 3 Vallees," the world largest ski area. At only 200 meters away from the nearby town with it's ski lifts and slopes, the resort certainly offers convenience to the thrill seeking traveler. And of course most of these slopes were created especially for the 1992 Winter Olympics! There is a variety of activities available, including skiing, cross-country skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, snowmobiliing, tobogganing, paragliding, hot air ballooning, and hang gliding!

And if you decide to stay around the resort, there are a variety of amenities available. The indoor poor is always open, and sits alongside the resort bar, along with French restaurants, the Salon, and a Spa which offers a multitude of relaxation packages! The nearby village also offers a variety of food and nightlife, and is sure to make your stay more enjoyable. 

Rates for January 12-Febuary 14 and March 16 - April 6 start at 6,860 euro and go up to 20,020 euro. And make sure to Contact Us today if you're interested!