Are You Sure? - Explora Traveler


One thing is certain about adventure travel: There are no certainties.



That’s just the way a certain breed of adventure traveler likes it. And that is just what explora Travesías deliver. Launched by explora in 2005, Travesías  are nomadic journeys designed for well-traveled types seeking new and exciting adventures in little known and rarely traveled regions. The journeys stray far from the tourist path through some of the most remote regions of South America: the Bolivian altiplano and Salar de Uyuni salt flat; the Calchaquí valleys of the Andes across Chile and into Argentina; and the distant plains, forests, rivers, glaciers and mountains of Patagonia at the southern tip of the continent. They traverse borders and desolate areas unmarked by housing, buildings or shopping centers, and lack modern conveniences such as cell phone connections, television reception, and multi-starred accommodations. In some places, there aren’t even any roads. Not to worry: travelers and guides simply build their own en route.

So what is the draw? Travesías dazzle with raw remoteness, authentic quiet, remarkable beauty, star-lit skies, and access to ancient cultures and age-old traditions. The pace is strenuous. The exploration is in-depth and unpredictable. The conversation is good – just like the company. And the experiences are life changing.

As brilliant as they sound, explora Travesías are not for everybody. So the question is: Are you sure they’re for you? True adventurers will know the answer in a snap. As for the rest of you: Give it some thought. Your answer my lead to the adventure of a lifetime.

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