Golden Eagle Festival - Mongolia

October is a special time for Nomadic Expeditions, and the communities of Western Mongolia. Each fall, over one hundred eagle hunters gather in Bayan-Ulgii Province in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia to show off their Golden Eagles and compete on agility and hunting techniques at the Golden Eagle Festival.  

This annual festival, which celebrates the Golden Eagle as well as the hunters' traditional culture, is arranged by the local Kazakh community and members of the Berkut Association, a community-based conservation organization. Historically, nomadic Kazakhs have depended on the Golden Eagles for hunting, and the Berkut Association was founded by Nomadic Expeditions CEO Jalsa Urubshurow to preserve this proud tradition and protect the berkut. All proceeds from the festival's ticket sales benefit the Berkut Association, which will use these funds to further the organization's goals, including arranging the Golden Eagle Festival each year. This expedition into the rugged Altai Mountains also includes opportunities to ride on horseback alongside the hunters, as well as visits to a local mosque, town market, provincial museum, and archaeological site.

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