The Chocolate of Paris: A Confectionary Paradise

The romantic appeal of French culture has long been a staple of international travel. The refined elegance of Parisian cafes mixed with the wonders of France’s architechture.  With so many of the classic icons of romance lining the streets of Paris, it seems to be the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway for couples of any age. And look no further than the top chocolatiers of Paris for the very best in culinary adventure!

If you’re going to travel to Paris,  stopping to enjoy the city’s many chocolateries is well worth devoting an entire trip to! But for the layman or even the expert, picking out the best boutiques from the sheer number of these chic and upscale opertions may prove to be a daunting task. But fear not! There are a wonderous handful of chocolateries that stand out as being some of the most prestigious and endearing landmarks of the culinary landscape.  

Perhaps the best place to start is by arranging  a week long trip. Of course, Journey’s will be more than happy to make those arrangements for you. If a sampling of French culture is what you’re after, you’ll find that the accomadations we will provide will prove to be just as decadent as the chocolate! We choose only from the best boutiques and the most intriguing tours to bring you the most authentic culinary experiences. And if you’re looking to do a little research before traveling, make sure to read The Chocolate Connoisser by Chloe Doutre-Rousse, a well known French author who offers spectatular tours of the country’s chocolate boutiques. Before your arrival you’ll be able to tell your marzipan from your mediants and swiftly develop a textbook knowledge of the chocolates you’ll be eating!


The first stop on any chocolate tour should be the lavish Village Royal, owned and operated by the award winning Patrick Roger. His most famous recognition has been the Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, or MOF, an honor given to top ranking chocolatiers that is presented in front of the French president. It is signified by a red, white, and blue chef’s collar the reciepiant wears for life. This notable prestige is certainly reflected within his Village Royal boutique, which boasts a variety of astounding confectionary creations, such as a menacing chocolate hippo!  But the only real danger here is the risk of becoming lost in the variety of chocolates available. Roger’s own personal menagerie has many exotic varieties, with flavors including Brazilian lime and sea-salted caramel. This intriguing display will be sure to tantalize and leave you curious to try more of what Paris has to offer.

The next place to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day is at the pastry school of Paule Caillat. After tasting award winning chocolate, why not try your hand at making some chocolates of your own? Of course finding a three-hour chocolate making class in Paris is not as easy as it sounds. Most pastry schools require a commitment that can last several weeks or even months. And a top chef will rarely sideline as a baking instructor, it’s not the French way! Fortunately, Caillat’s business, run with the help of her friend and cooking partner Betty Edery Bitton, strives to offer an authentic experience to those looking to take a class. And the authenticity shows, with many of their recipes and techniques being steeped in centuries old French tradtions. For those looking to learn, this course will offer the aspiring chef a stunning set of new skills to return home with!


If the truly adventurous is what your after, than stop in at La Chocolaterie du Jacques. This confectionary wonder has well over 40 different kinds of caramel available, including everything from ginger and cinnamon to tonka, a spice banned in the U.S. for its traces of toxins (but totally harmless in small doses)! This chocolaterie is run by the famous Jacques Genin, a self-trained culinary master. After  working his way up from pastry line to head patissier at the renowned La Maison du Chocolat, he was soon providing chocolate to over 200 of the top restaurants and hotels around France. With such an accomplished career, its no surprise that some of his chocolates can run up to $65 a pound!

Some of the world’s finest chocolates can be found in France, making it a noteworthy stop for those seeking a gastronomic getaway. If you’re looking for your next escape, consider the quaint beauty of Paris. With its famed landmarks and undeniable charm, Paris standouts out as a tapestry of both the cultural and culinary. Truly a city that is built on the kind of romance that is perfect for your Valentine’s Day!