Aman Sanctuary for the Soul Series- Amanzoe: Alignment and Movement Retreat

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Overlooking the Aegean Sea, and offering its own private beach club, the Amanzoe is a stunning Grecian resort. Between May 16-25, 2014 Amanzoe will be offering a private relaxation retreat focusing on the use of Watsu, Pilates, and Cranial Osteopathy. This retreat is ideal for individuals who feel that they are no longer achieving a full range of movement due to stress or a sedentary lifestyle. This various techniques rely on relieving muscle tension and stretching out muscle groups that may be affected by repetitive day-to-day actions. 

 Aman Resorts

Watsu is an aquatic therapy that was first developed in 1980 by Howard Dull. Watsu sessions involve floating in a pool while a trained Watsu therapist applies a variety of stretching positions. As well as relieving physical tension, Watus is a great stress reliever! Steve Karle is a student of Howard's and first introduced Watus to Aman resorts around world.

Famous for it's body conditioning exercises, Pilates is a great way to improve both balance and coordination. Emphasizing spinal and pelvic alignment, correct breathing, and development of a strong core, Pilates is a great exercise program for anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. Amanzoe's own Ivana Daniell has worked to develop an adaptable regimen suitable for anyone staying at the resort!

 Aman Resorts

The last segment of this wonderful retreat is Cranial Osteotherapy. An osteopathic treatment, this therapy focusing on releasing tension from the body, mainly around the head. This gentle and effective treatment is suitable for all ages, and works by feeling subtle changes in the tissues around the bodies head. John Loftus is the Amanzoe's osteotherapist, with over 30 years of prior experience!

Amanzoe is a tranquil facility, offering extensive facilities and services. These facilities include eight treatment pavilions, a salon for manicures and pedicures, a Watsu pool, his or hers hammams, steam rooms with cold plunger pool, a Pilates studio, yoga pavilion, and gymnasium.

The four- night retreat includes:

Four Nights Accomodation

Daily Breakfast

One postural assessment per person

Two Private Pilates sessions per person 

Two cranial osteopathy sessions per person

Two Watsu treatments per person 

One 60-Minute spa treatment per person:

The seven-night retreat includes:

Seven Nights Accommodation

Daily Breakfast

One postural assessment per person

Three private Pilates sessions per person

Three cranial osteotherapy sessions per person

Three Watsu sessions per person 

Two 60-minute spa treatments per person

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