Rain Forest & Pre-Columbian Temples Cruise

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From October 15-24, 2015, take a 10 day/9 night Ponant luxury cruise from Puerto Caldra, Costa Rica to Callao, Peru.  Get the opportunity to explore the natural and rich history of both Central and South America.

The journey begins in Costa Rica’s Carara National Park and then continues to the remote Cocos Island. After two days at sea, the ships next stop is Guayaquil, Ecuador. While in Guayaquil, you will have the opportunity to explore the lively artistic colony in Cerro Santa Ana.  Enjoy a tour through the colorful arts and crafts market, Mercado Artesanal Guayaquil.  Guests then have the choice of taking an expedition that includes a panoramic drive through Guayaquil to the Historical Park.  The Historical Park is divided into three sections: Wildlife, Urban-Architecture, and Traditions. The park is a perfect place to visit in order to see the preservation of the customs and the culture of the Ecuadorian coast.  Another expedition option includes a city tour of Guayaquil and a visit to the Toquilla Hat Workshop. While at the Toquilla Hat Workshop, experience the process that goes into making these famous woven Panamanian hats. The Panama hats have been woven in Ecuador since 1930. The hats name came from a photograph that was taken of Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, who was wearing the hat while visiting the construction of the Panama Canal.

After spending the day in Guayaquil, the next two days are spent at sea in route to the port in Salaverry, Peru.  While in Salaverry, take an expedition to visit the World Heritage site, the ancient city of Chan Chan. This city was once the great capital of the Chimi Empire. A majority of the city is still standing, with its maze of streets, terraces, and pyramids. The city also has ten walled citadels which were once burial chambers, housed ceremonial rooms, temples, and reservoirs.  After exploring Chan Chan, continue to the town of Huanchaco and enjoy a live demonstration of local fisherman building Caballitos de Totora (Tall reed sea horse boat). The Caballitos de Totora was used by the Chimu and Mochica culture in ancient times.  Another excursion option includes visiting the Sun & Moon huacas. These huacas, or ancient temples, were built around 1-650 A.D. in the Mochica era.  After visiting the temples, the tour continues to downtown Trujillo for a view of the streets that are surrounded by beautiful colonial mansions.

The next stop of the journey is Callao, Peru after two more days at sea. While in Lima, make sure to take the Colonial Lima excursion that is offered.  On the excursion, one of the highlights is visiting the 17th century San Francisco Monastery. The Monastery is considered to be the most beautiful and important religious monument in Lima. Overall, the tour provides the perfect overview of the city, offering the best view of both colonial and modern Lima. 

This cruise is the perfect getaway and opportunity to experience the beauty of Central and South America. Book with us today to make sure your spot is reserved on this luxury cruise for the trip in October!