Majestic Chile & Easter Island

 Travel to Chile and have the opportunity to spend 11 days exploring the country’s most fascinating regions. Spend the first few days in the Chilean winelands and learn about the growing Chilean wine industry at the Clos Apalta Winery and the Casa Lapostolle Residence.

The trip then continues to the mysterious Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island.  The island is famous for its large stone statues, the moai. Stay at the unique explora en Rapa Nui. This resort features 30 rooms and its design is based in native volcanic rock and wood from the mainland.  Get the chance to spend several days exploring and touring Easter Island with explora en Rapa Nui guides. These guides will take you to see sights that few travelers have seen before.  The island is known for its rich archaeological and anthropological wonders. Visitors can also take time to enjoy diving and surfing activities.

On the last few days of your trip, you will head back to the mainland and travel to the Atacama Desert. The Atacama Desert covers over 70,000 square miles of northern Chile and is also considered to be the driest desert on Earth. While you are in the desert, stay at the luxurious Hotel Awasi. The hotel is made up of eight cottages that consist of natural materials such as adobe, stone, and wood. Each cottage features wide spaces and traditional Andean décor. Each cottage will also have a private guide that will help you to discover the beauty of the desert on horseback, foot, or by vehicle.  There are many different activities to enjoy while in the desert that include: stargazing, trekking, mountain climbing, and sand boarding.