The Brando Resort

Movie star Marlon Brando fell in love with Tahiti when he was filming Mutiny on the Bounty on location in the 1960s. He was so taken with the Polynesian culture that he married a local dancer and went on to purchase a slice of South Pacific paradise. He purchased Tetiaroa Atoll which is thirty tiny islands encompassing a sky blue lagoon and encircled by a coral reef. Brando envisioned creating a small resort entirely from local, sustainable resources, including bamboo and coconut wood. He wanted to create an eco-minded retreat for like-minded travelers.  He dreamed of Tetiaroa becoming a living laboratory for conservation, renewable energy, and scientific research on the ecology of small islands in the oceans.

brando house.jpg

Although this dream did not become a reality during his lifetime, Brando’s family estate, together with Pacific Beachcomber Resorts, never wavered in pursuit of his goals.  Brando, a 35 villa private island all inclusive resort was just recently opened. The resort is accessed by a 20 minute private plane flight from Tahiti. This new resort exemplifies sustainable tourisms best practices, such as renewable-energy air conditioning, organic gardening, guided eco-activities, and preservation of local culture.  

This luxurious Polynesian style resort offers two restaurants that serve Polynesian-inspired cuisine. There is also a luxurious spa and wellness center with several massage and treatment villas around a serene lily-covered point. The resort also includes: a beach bar near a large infinity pool, a tennis court, a library and cultural center, and even an environmental research station with guest programs.  Each villa has a bicycle for each of its guest that can be used to explore the island. Guests can also have the opportunity to experience diving or snorkeling with tropical fish, paddle boarding to a neighboring island, and taking a kayak above coral gardens.