The Damara Elephant Ride

Travel to Namibia and experience the Damara Elephant Ride. This ride is an 11-day challenging horse safari through the country’s most remote and beautiful and wild landscape. Get the opportunity to see some of Namibia’s isolated terrain which is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles and on horseback.

Travel westward towards the Atlantic through many different beautiful sceneries. Ride through rocky hills, sandy riverbeds, wide-open gravel plains, and sand dunes.  Experience riding 12.5- 30 miles a day where some of terrains can be challenging. Along the trail there are great places along the ride with open spaces to enjoy some cantering. During the first three days of the ride the wildlife is very rich and abundant. After those first three days the habitats become more arid and barren. There is still a chance to see some of the desert-adapted elephant, rhino, Oryx and lion. The last ride on the Damara Elephant Ride is exciting because it takes its guests along the Skeleton Coast. The Skeleton Coast is known for its coastline to be full of wrecked hulks of stranded ships.

 The Damara Elephant Ride provides its guests with cozy lodges on the first and the last nights of the ride. For the rest of the ride guests will stay in mobile tented camp accommodations. There are both double-occupancy and single-occupancy tents for guests to stay in during the ride. Many guests want the authentic desert experience so they sleep under the stars. The camp beds include a bedroll, which includes an insulated mattress and a down duvet and pillow. Extra blankets are available upon request, along with a fleece liner to the sleeping roll.

Before each morning ride a lavish breakfast is served that includes porridge, cereal, coffee, tea, juice, and a hot dish. At lunch time, sandwiches are served under the shade of the trees. While the camps are being pitched each night at sunset, the guests can relax from their ride. Hot bucket showers are included along with true Namibian meals that are made over an open fire. All of the menus can be catered to any kind of dietary requirement.  A typical dinner consists of wild game, free-range beef served as braai or potjie with vegetables, and desserts. There is also an array of chilled drinks, beer, and wine served.


  • Horseback rides covering 12.5 to 30 miles each day
  • Sleep beneath the stars in traditional fly camps
  • Witness ancient bushmen rock carvings at World Heritage site, Twyfelfontein
  • Cultural excursions to local villages
  • Trail desert-adapted elephant and rhino across Damaraland’s river beds
  • Visit a Save the Rhino project
  • See the Cape Cross seal colony

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