Miraval, A Wellness Resort To Help Accomplish Your 2019 Goals


Wellness resorts are one of the top travel trends for 2019 and I don’t foresee them going anywhere anytime soon. Travelers visit wellness resorts for many reasons. Whether it is unplugging from the world, needing a spiritual awakening, wanting reflection, or just needing to push the refresh button on life, it is a great way to escape the craziness and to ultimately take time for yourself.

Recently I had a client attend one of the top wellness resorts in the country and her review of her experience was too good not to share.

The woman, in her young thirties, approached me one day in serious need of a vacation. 2018 had been a horrible year for her and she wanted to escape and have some alone time. After a couple of conversations we quickly realized that a wellness resort was going to be the perfect fit. Then came to the next question: which one? What type of journey? From silent retreats, yoga immersion, fitness focused resorts, to everything in between, we looked for the perfect fit. Which is what lead us to Miraval.


Miraval allows you to do as much or as a little as you want. With everything from floating meditation, equine therapy, cooking classes, and hiking, to endless spa treatments, the journey is yours. Miraval is  an all inclusive experience (with the exception of alcohol) that allows you to enjoy luxury and wellness all wrapped up in one. You can start your morning with a hot stone massage, followed by a gourmet breakfast, lay by the pool and read a book, meet with one of the healers, and end your day with a goodnight meditation class, followed by a glass of wine in the bathtub. This 5 star luxury resort was the perfect fit for my client.


The day she departed for Arizona, the snow storm that hits Charlotte about once year, decided to arrive that day. Meaning what was supposed to be an easy travel day turned into a nightmare of a travel day. After many delays and finally arriving in Tucson very late that night her driver met her at baggage claim and whisked her away to Miraval. Upon arrival at Miraval she was greeted and immediately felt the weight come off her shoulders. Not only had the staff left her dinner in her fridge. but a planner was waiting to go over her schedule with her so she can start her journey the next day on the right path. After a couple of tweaks she headed off to her gorgeous luxurious room.

About half way through the next day I received a text from her telling me that she was “quite literally in heaven”, and that she “never wanted to leave”.   She experienced everything from equine therapy, meditation, sessions with their famous healers, to many spa treatments. She said she felt as if Miraval was giving her a giant hug and that she was going to be okay.

A few things that specifically stood out to her was :

1. Every staff member remembered her name.

2. If you weren’t feeling the lunch options on the menu that day you could request something else and they would happily make it for you.

3. All the facilities were open 24 hours. If you wanted to hop into the Jacuzzi at 3AM no one was stopping you.

4. Her favorite class was the Chefs Table. If you are foodie it is a must do! However, it does book up quickly so make sure to book asap.

5. Having a one on one session with a Healer was worth every penny.

6. She had one of the best spa treatments of her life.

7.  It was a true 5 star resort experience.

With a new year approaching, people reflect and create resolutions to become a healthier, more improved, version of themselves. So if you haven’t considered experiencing a wellness resort, there is no better time than the New Year!